Mariana Gleue

Enjoyment of togetherness: This is how great love can succeed

It is never too late for great love: every relationship crisis is an opportunity – and being single is not a fate! Nothing is as complicated as love: Do you always fall in love with the „wrong person“? Are you unhappy with your partnership or being single? Are you longing for real closeness and a fulfilling couple relationship? Relationship expert Mariana Gleue shows how togetherness works. In six chapters and a bonus section with 10 instant tips for a happier partnership, the author looks at the bright and dark sides of relationships. You can expect highly concentrated expert knowledge from 25 years of relationship coaching and many practical tips. So that nothing stands in the way of your really great relationship happiness!

My new book will be published soon.

Thank you very much Dear Neli and Dear Susanne for your greatness and friendship, of which I am very proud!

Neli Schaugis

Susanne Stein

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer. Dear Peter, thank you very much for your important tips!