Relationship Coaching


Are you feeling a little bit stuck in your relationship, like the spark is a little dimmer? Maybe you’re feeling like you don’t have the tools in your box to overcome some of the hurdles that have been thrown your way as a couple. Perhaps you feel like one of your or both of you have given up hope that this relationship has the ingredients it needs to stand the test of time. Whatever it is you feel might be holding you (both) back from putting your best foot forward together romantically, Our Coaching will help you get back on track.  

 Love Lessons Relationship Rejuvenation Sessions are one to one and are with Founder & Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan to help you gain a greater sense of direction in your relationship so you feel rejuvenated and the spark is rekindled so you can both reconnect emotionally, physically and intimately.

Our Relationship Coaching  is for you if you want:
Build greater communication skills
Overcome relationship grievances 
Become unstuck 
Gain insights as well as practical intentional partnering tools
Overcome conflict with resolution techniques
Deepen the connection with yourself & your partner 
Know your value & communicate it well
Understand how we communicate love
Stop arguing & start liaising lovingly 
Figure out what’s holding you back from living your best love-life 
Work out how to go from stuck to feeling content & calm in your relationship

You can expect that

In coaching, I make sure that you can identify obstacles and unconscious blockages on deeper levels and solve them in a new light. For us, this is not therapy, but the effective way to quickly untie the knot or blockage.

That is why I am secondarily concerned with looking back and coming to terms with the past, I look with you again at your resources, your love and at new perspectives and solutions. You will not only get new insights, but also concrete change strategies for everyday life.

In coaching, we often only need one or two sessions and are in Siegen by phone, Skype or in person.

In couple coaching, I create a space for you and with you, solution-oriented and careful, in which you can meet again and where insight, clarification and healing can begin.

Obstructive behavior patterns and dynamics are uncovered, communication gets going again, rash wrong decisions in times of crisis are jointly reviewed and solutions and recommendations for everyday work are developed.

The couple coaching consists of a block of 3 hours in a day and proceeds in two steps: Each of you works alone with me for one hour and then after a break there is a one-hour couple conversation with three.

I offer this coaching regularly in Siegen NRW, by phone and via Skype.

And rest assured: nobody is born a perfect relationship person.

We all learn how to deal with others every day.

Relationship coaching makes this learning process easier: you clear your heart and mind for new, happy experiences.

The connecting element gains strength and attractiveness again.

I help you to experience relationships again as enriching, appreciative and uplifting.

You will learn how to better understand the „language of the other“. If you are more at home in your head and think in a very structured way, I invite you to enter the world of feelings. If you are more the emotional person, I arouse your curiosity for clarity and firm structures. As soon as ratio and emotion are in balance again, new possibilities open up. There is a positive response. And step by step it can be experienced again: the happiness of equivalent relationships.

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