Etiquette Training


  • Etiquette and style
  • Correct manners: the classic repertoire and the modern
  • Correct behavior on the phone
  • The first impression, how do I act on the other?
  • Secret code body language
  • Introducing and greeting: the greeting rituals and correct salutation even from different cultures
  • Adieu: who says goodbye to whom? And how?
  • Addressing informally and addressing formally
  • Smoking theme
  • The art of small talk: Small Talk

Clothing and Style

  • Clothing and body language
  • Color types: what suits me?
  • Style advice – how do I work – self-image and external image
  • The right outfit? Clothes make people
  • Correct manners, etiquette, behavioral tips


Impeccable behavior contributes to positive communication and quickly arouses sympathy.

Top behavior is more in demand today than ever – also at work.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we provide you with everything you need to know about etiquette and etiquette: the behavior recommendations are very well explained and justified.

Your happiness is in your hands

Furthermore you can expect

Invitation as a host or as a guest

    • Hosts and guests
    • Send stylish greetings and thanks
    • Write invitations, react to invitations, acceptance and rejection
    • Punctuality: a relative term?
    • The right and inappropriate gift: appropriateness, choice and packaging

Etiquette rules for proper food

    • Table manners
    • Placement in the restaurant
    • The right sequence of dishes, the right wine
    • Seating arrangement, menu compilation
    • Seating arrangement, drinks and glasses

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