Single coaching


Are you feeling a little bit stuck as a single? Perhaps you are nervous about meeting new people or are meeting all the wrong people for you? We know all too well that modern dating can seem quite tricky and swiping left and right can more often than not fail to reap the return on time and energy investment that singles would like. Mariana Gleue provides dedicated coaching and dating strategy sessions for singles who are serious about coupling and conscious they would like to build a long-lasting, loving relationship.

Build Confidence & Communication Skills

​Successfully Navigate Modern Dating 

​Overcome Conflict With Resolution Techniques

​Deepen the connection with yourself & others 

​Know your value & communicate it well

​Stop settling for less than love 

find quality over quantity in matches 

​Figure out what’s holding you back from living a life you love 

​Work out how to go from single to successfully navigating modern dating 

worldwide success for our clients since 1996