relationship school

With the right training to success!

My relationship school for you


  • The key to happiness in your relationship
  • How can I find and keep the great love?
  • How do I increase my self-worth in the partnership?
  • Golden rule for harmony in the relationship
  • How can I tell if the partner is losing interest in me and why?
  • The secret of successful communication in a partnership
  • Increase value and self-esteem in the partnership
  • The right partner choice
  • My formula for lasting harmony in the relationship
  • Relationship crisis – what’s next?
  • Forgive or not forgive?
  • What mistakes can your relationship tolerate?
  • Dependency in the partnership
  • Self-perception and external perception
  • Limits in the partnership
  • Blows of fate – process and overcome
  • No go’s in the relationship
  • Signs of toxic relationships and how to handle them properly
  • Fears in love
  • Dealing with stress and conflict in the relationship
  • The art of femininity
  • How do I become a happy woman
  • What characterizes femininity? – do I live my femininity?
  • Awaken your own femininity and attractiveness
  • What makes me a special woman / man?
  • Intuition and inner voice when choosing a partner and in a partnership
  • What skills does a happy relationship need?
  • Own intuition and gut feeling
  • Your own head cinema – reality and love
  • The key to self-love