Broken Heart

Broken Heart

Sorrow in Love

Almost everyone experiences heartache at least once in their life and then has to find a way to deal with it and get over it. This is not always possible without help: depending on your personal situation, disposition and approach, lovesickness can drag on for years, become independent and extend to all areas of life. Psychological help to cope with lovesickness can help heal broken hearts.

A broken heart, an insatiable longing, the loss or rejection of a loved one can lead to serious mental, mental and physical illnesses and, in the worst case, to acts of despair and violence, including suicide or murder. Fulfilled love is a basic requirement for happiness and contentment. Conversely, unfulfilled, unattainable, or lost love can make a person deeply unhappy.

Men and Women

Men suffer more from lovesickness because they usually suffer alone and in secret. Traditional gender roles still make it harder for men to confide in others, talk about emotions, or admit helplessness when the moment is weak. Instead, many resort to employment and repression strategies to forget the grief: they plunge into their work, impose new duties, or are soon looking for a new partnership or sexual adventure to repair the broken self-confidence. Under certain circumstances, this can even work, because even with lovesickness, time and distraction have a healing effect.

Women are more likely to look for a shoulder to cry on, a second opinion or good advice. Therefore, it is mostly women who seek psychological help for lovesickness.

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